How to Reduce Back Pain While Gardening

Reducing Back Pain is Easier Than You Think

If you garden, you no doubt find it enjoyable. But with all the bending, stretching and kneeling you get to experience something else – back pain. You probably most often feel it in your lower back.

Some gardeners start to think that they have to find a new hobby. In some cases, that might be the wise thing, depending on the severity. However, most people can continue gardening. It’s just a matter of finding a way to reduce back pain.

The good thing is that most instances of lower back pain can be easily remedied without professional medical attention. It all centers around stretching.

Here are 4 tips to help you reduce back pain while gardening.

  1. Stretch When You Feel Pain

If you have pain in your lower back while bending, for example, stop working. Stand up, do a few back bends, and some knee lifts. If necessary, call it a day, but continue stretching. Take a warm bath with some Epsom salts. After the warmth of the bath has worn off, rub some analgesic ointment on the sore area. Get some rest.

In most cases, you should be good as new by morning. If not, you might want to see your doctor.

  1. Stretch Before You Garden

Most gardeners go right to work, without preparing their body at all. Most of the time, it seems to be okay. But prior to any physical exertion, it’s always a good idea to stretch before and after it.

Here’s one very effective exercise you can do: Lie on your back, and one at a time, slowly pull your knees up toward your chest, hold it there for up to 10 seconds, and then slowly bring your leg straight again.

  1. Stretch During Gardening

You’d be surprised how much you can get done if you cut up your work into shorter chunks. Try working for a half hour, take a break and include some stretching, then go back to work for another half hour. Keep repeating this process until your day is done.

You’ll start each session refreshed and you might accomplish just as much – if not more.

One thing you might have to do is lift something heavy. Always lift with your legs and not purely from bending. That is the surest way to back pain if you make it a habit. Don’t take chances and get help if you don’t want to take any chances.

  1. Stretch After Gardening

You might find that after a day of stretching before and during gardening, that you feel pretty good. You might not feel the need to stretch afterward. Do it anyway.

It might not hurt to take a warm Epsom salt bath either, especially if you still have some low to mild pain in back.


Gardening is a wonderful pastime, and you should enjoy it to the extent possible. Being able to do it without back pain will make it more enjoyable. We hope these tips help you reduce your back pain.