Top 5 Tips for Gardening on a Budget

How to Make Your Gardening Budget Stretch

Maybe you want to start gardening, but you don’t have a lot of money to get going. By the time you finish buying what you need, it can add up.

However, there are ways of getting into gardening without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll give you 5 tips for gardening on a budget.

  1. Budget Fertilizing

Store bought fertilizer can be costly. You can create organic fertilizer right in your home with things you should have in your kitchen. Here are a few:

Eggshells. Don’t throw away your eggshells after breakfast. Take them and grind them into a powder, and then add them to your soil. It can use the high calcium content.

Coffee grounds. Once you’re done brewing, save the used grounds in a container. Adding them to your soil will fortify it with nitrogen, another key mineral it needs.

Bone meal. You can make bone meal from any animal bones. First bake them until they’re brittle enough to pound into smaller pieces. Then grind those pieces into dust. Your soil will welcome it as a high source of phosphorus.

  1. Budget Weed Killing

To help gardening on a budget, you can make an organic weed killer right from your kitchen, without using harmful chemicals.

The three basic ingredients for this organic weed killer are distilled white vinegar, a few drops of dishwashing soap and plain old iodized salt.

Now the exact mixture of these differs from publisher to publisher, but here’s a simple recipe we found:


  • 1 gallon white vinegar
  • 1 cup iodized
  • 1 tablespoon dishwashing liquid

Mix ingredients, transfer to a spray bottle. Spray your weeds at the sun’s peak so the ingredients work faster.

  1. Budget Tools

It’s often desirable to have brand new tools. But gardening on a budget dictates that you find a ways to get them cheaper.

Look at the store for any clearance items in the garden section. You can get some basic gardening tools for a good price. Here is a guide to help you find and affordable garden kneeler seat.

You can also go to estate, garage or yard sales. Sometimes people have loads of garden tools – often high quality ones – for sale. You should be able to find cheap garden tools at these sales.

  1. Seeds Over Seedlings

It might sound like fussing over pennies, but again, we’re talking about starting a garden on a budget. Purchasing a seedling can cost way more than buying seeds. And you will sure get more yield from a pack of seeds than you will from one seedling.

  1. DIY Garden Design

For your budget garden, if you’re handy and have the materials, you can design your garden. If you have hollowed out cement blocks, you can arrange them into a square to create a raised garden. Tomato stakes can be created from just about anything, including bamboo poles. Possibilities are endless.

In Conclusion

The 5 tips we gave you here are just a few, but effective ways to get into gardening without breaking the bank. We hope you found these tips useful in getting you pointed in the right direction.