What is a Vertical Garden?

A Closer Look At Vertical Gardens Vertical gardening is the process to build! You can use the maximum of your garden area by producing delightful vegetables and fruits and interesting flowers upon a frame, on a garden trellis, in a tower of containers, and above garden structures, while having the benefits of comfortable maintenance, better […]

5 Tricks for Gardening in Small Spaces

So You Want to Grow a Pocket Garden… The demand for more area in the city has forced household designs to maximize the landing area at the cost of “less important” place like a garden. Those days have gone when large gardens filled the outdoor spaces of middle-income homes. There is no requirement to worry […]

Top 5 Tips for Gardening on a Budget

How to Make Your Gardening Budget Stretch Maybe you want to start gardening, but you don’t have a lot of money to get going. By the time you finish buying what you need, it can add up. However, there are ways of getting into gardening without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll give you […]

5 Amazing Garden Hacks for Beginners

How to Make the Most Out of Your Garden So you want to get into gardening? That’s great. Gardening has proven to be an enjoyable and therapeutic pastime for many, whether they’re growing vegetables, herbs or landscaping. There’s a lot to learn, so a beginner could get overwhelmed with all the techniques and keeping track […]

Top 10 Best Ceramic Garden Stools & Seats

Why Choosing the Best Ceramic Garden Stool/Seat is Important Ceramic stools and seats can make everyone swoon over their impeccable, unique designs. Nowadays, ceramic furniture is manufactured in such high quality, there’s no need to worry about their structural strength. Although they may look dainty with delicate designs, they’re made for everyday use. So, go […]

5 Fall Gardening Tips to Know for the 2019 Season

Gardening in the fall can be a tough job. The volatile weather and temperatures in many regions can have all kinds of effects on your garden, from the quality of the soil to how much sun exposure it gets. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind when gardening in this difficult season. Popular […]

Should I Be Fertilizing My Garden?

Plants do need nutrition, and there could be any number of ways to give it to them, including fertilizer. But the question of whether or not to use it depends on many factors. In this article, Garden Kneeler Club will look at the impact of garden fertilizer on three different types of gardens: Flowers, vegetables […]

The Keys to Essential Garden Pest Control

Gardening is an arduous process. And after all the blood, sweat, and tears, the last thing anyone wants is for their crops to fall victim to pests and infestations. Pest control is an everlasting battle between man and mother nature, for as long as you’re growing fresh crops, there will be opportunistic critters looking to […]

Our Top Picks for Best Utility Garden Cart with Wheels

Tips for Finding the Best Utility Garden Cart Garden carts are a must-have tool for every gardening enthusiast, as well as every regular person who wants to maintain a good garden. They are excellent for moving things around the place, and this does not apply to gardens only. You will find that a garden utility […]

Top 3 Best Yard & Garden Tool Organizers for Your Garage

Is your storage cupboard a chaotic mess of cleaning supplies and tools? Are you tired of searching high and low for that dustpan and brush or broom? If you use your cupboard indoors as form of garden tool storage, it might be time to think about investing in a garden tool organizer. Most tool organizers […]